New Zealand’s Favourite Baby Shower Gifts & Games

New Zealand’s Favourite Baby Shower Gifts & Games

New Zealand’s Favourite Baby Shower Gifts & Games 

Kiwi’s love parties and the imminent arrival of a new baby is a great reason to celebrate! Hosting a baby shower is a wonderful activity to do for a friend, family member or work colleague. Then there’s the baby shower gifts and games to consider too. Choosing the cutest baby bibs, personalised bath towels and even cuddly teddy bears is just as fun as seeing the new Mum open her gifts. Then when it comes to baby shower games, we’ve got some great ones for you to play.

Tips on Choosing Amazing Baby Shower Gifts

We may be slightly biased, but we believe we sell New Zealand’s favourite baby shower gifts! Why? Because not only are they beautifully made and of an exceptionally high quality, they are also personalised and unique baby gifts. A beautifully made present shows you care about the person you are giving it to. A high-quality gift will give many years of enjoyment and a personalised gift means that the new baby will never end up with ten of the same present. Our favourite baby shower presents include:

Popular Baby Shower Games to Play

Playing games at a baby shower can be so much fun. Lots of giggling, baby chats, great food and wine (except for the mum to be), it’s no wonder we all love being invited to one! There are many traditional games we play, but we’ve put together a list of some great new ones for you to try:

  • Baby Gift Bingo – give out a blank bingo card to each guest. Ask them to fill in each square with a picture of the gifts they think the new Mum will receive. As the baby gifts are opened, cross off the ones you got right until the first person has marked off an entire row.
  • Guess Who Gave It – it is said you can tell who gave the gift simply by looking at it. We’re not sure about that, but is certainly is fun to open and guess the giver!
  • Word Stop – there are some words we can’t resist saying at a baby shower. It’s so cute, I love it, how adorable and it’s so tiny are common ones. Make it a rule that no one can say a certain phrase for a set time. If they do, they’ll need to answer their choice of a truth or dare question.

We’d love to help you choose the perfect gift for a new arrival. Simply get in touch via phone or through our website contact page and we’ll be in quickly to help you out.




Posted: Monday 10 July 2017