Personalised Cuddle Blankies

Cuddle blankets for personalising with birth details or name etc.

Personalised Cuddle Blankies

There’s nothing like a cuddle to make everything better. Our personalised baby comforters and cuddle blankies are so soft and snuggly, you’ll never want to let go.

What Are Personalised Baby Comforters, Loveys & Cuddle Blankets?
A baby comforter is a small double-sided blanket which a baby can cuddle, often instead of a teddy or soft toy. Designed specifically to help a baby self soothe, our blankies have a small soft toy in one corner and a large flat blanket area we can embroider upon. Like with our personalised plush toys, we can embroider a birth announcement, name or phrase onto each lovey, ensuring that you have a gift to give which is as unique as the new arrival.

Why Should You Give a Baby a Personalised Cuddle Blankie?
All new parents soon discover the importance of routines, especially when it comes to sleeping. Giving a new baby small baby blanket or snuggle blanket helps them to develop a sleep association, letting them know when it is time to sleep. As lovies are bigger than a regular teddy, they are easier for little fingers to hold, cuddle and carry around. Babies can easily find it in their bed or cot, it helps with resettling and of course, achieving that all important all-night sleep!

Having a name or birth announcement embroidered onto a baby comforter means that it is easily identifiable, which makes them the perfect toy to take to day care or childcare sessions. They’re also much easier to wash and dry than a stuffed animal, making them much more hygienic around babies.

Ordering Your Personalised Baby Comforter
Ordering is easy here at Tijay Crafts, it’s the choosing from our large range of blankies which is the hard part! Our blankies feature almost every animal under the sun, from unicorns to dragons, monkeys to zebras and bunnies to frogs. Simply choose the baby blankie you want, then pick the embroidery design or name you’d like on it. We’ll quickly customise your comforter and send it to you via tracked courier.

We find that younger babies prefer to snuggle with blankies which have a smaller animal, making a frog, fox and bear great options. Older toddlers prefer our rainbow bears, unicorns and dinosaur cuddle blankies. Whichever you choose though, we are certain that your special little one will love them as much as we do.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about customising your order.