Bunny Ears Teethers


Help soothe your baby’s teething pain with our organic wooden teething rings. Fabric bunny ears are easily removed for washing. AS/NZS ISO 8124 safety approved.
  •  Bunny Ears Teethers
    Fabric Choices For Teether, select Fabric you would like teether made in from the fabric album. Teethers are backed with cotton toweling. Teether has a Snap on it for easy removal for washing.
    NZ$ 10.00

Bunny Ear Teethers Wooden Teething Rings

Help soothe your baby’s teething pain with our organic wooden teething rings with fabric bunny ears. Our bunny ear teethers come in two parts. On the top half, we have our handmade fabric bunny ears. Made from 100% cotton on the front, with organic towelling on the back, they come in a large range of fabric colours and patterns. The fabric bunny ears are removable, letting you wash when needed.

The bottom half of the bunny ear teether consists of a 100% non-toxic wooden teething ring. The rings are made from either Natural Eco Maple or Beech wood. Each organic wooden teething ring is unfinished, with no nasty oils or waxes used. This helps keeps your baby safe from ingesting unwanted nasties, as well as to help prevent allergic reactions.

Help Reduce Teething Pain with Our Organic Wooden Teething Rings

A baby’s first tooth is a source of excitement for everyone, except the baby! Teething can be incredibly uncomfortable with swollen bleeding gums and excessive drooling. If you think back to when you got your wisdom teeth, you might remember how putting pressure on the area made it feel better. It’s the same thing babies do automatically when teething. Chewing or rubbing the sore gums actually makes them feel better and helps the tooth to come through.

Babies can start teething from around four to six months of age. As the teeth being shifting position, they cause the gums to become red and swollen. You’ll know this is happening because a baby will begin to put more objects into their mouth, along with plenty of drooling and dribbling.

Our bunny ear teethers can help reduce the pain of new teeth in two ways:

  1. The fabric bunny ear piece makes a lovely soft surface to chew on. For some extra comfort, you can dampen the fabric with cold water and place into a plastic bag. Pop the plastic bag into the freezer until the ears are cool. Attach back onto the wooden ring and your baby will have a natural teething remedy!
  2. The organic wooden teething rings make a lovely firm surface for babies to chew and suck on, helping to soothe sore gums.

Order your bunny ear teething ring today simply by selecting the fabric for the fabric bunny ears. We recommend that each baby has their own new teething ring and that these are not shared with other babies.