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Beautifully Embroidered Tea Towels Make Wonderful Gifts  (embroidered tea towels)

If there was ever a gift which everyone loved, it would be embroidered tea towels. Not only are they useful, they look amazing in any kitchen. With the wide variety of embroidery designs to choose from, our tea towels coordinate with any kitchen, including modern and retro styles. They also suit any age group and personality, with cheeky designs great for a laugh, florals for more traditional tastes and generic kitchen themed designs for every day use.

Do Your Dishes in Style with Our Embroidered Tea Towels

Forget spotty glassware or patchy cutlery. Our 100% cotton tea towels are perfect for drying all your dishes. A generously sized 50cm by 70cm, our tea towels also make great décor for any kitchen. You could choose to hang it on the oven door handle, a hook on the wall or even pop it into a frame to hang on the wall as a piece of artwork.

Customised tea towels make fabulous gifts for any occasion including:

  • Housewarmings – when you move into a new house, everything you want to use is either packed or looks wrong. A set of embroidered tea towels helps solve both problems at once.
  • Wedding presents – while most newly married couples have most of what they need to start a life together already, you can never have enough tea towels. Easy to store, they can also be popped away for using during special occasions or kept until their old ones are worn out.
  • Corporate Gifts – saying thank you to clients by giving them a gift is not only much appreciated, but also helps build relationships. A set of our customised tea towels is an affordable and practical gift to give.
  • Gift Basket – if you are looking for gifts to pop into a gift basket you are making up, look no further. Adding a pair or even half a dozen tea towels to a gift basket, is an affordable way of filling and personalising the present.

Ordering Your Customised Tea Towels

To order any of our tea towels, all you need to do is choose the design and the thread colours you would like it embroidered in. If you can’t find the right embroidery design, let us know and we’ll do our best to find it for you!